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'Solitude' - Click to enlarge


Extracts From Original Myths

Here is an extract of a poem from 'Original Myths', (Cruachan Publications, 2000).

Eves garden has gone
to the devil. Slug-invaders
digest its innocent shoots.
She wears a tattoo
on her big-D breasts
to discourage guardian angels
- a blue-eyed ball-biting snake;
once offered herself to God
who sent her a brand-new Adam,
this man in mourning. He
kissed as if hed forgotten
the meaning of flesh, gave her
a clock to measure their
innocent days and a warmed
stone to fondle.

How she Loved him!

Nightly she cleaned
his wounds, her breasts hanging
in his sky like a new-found
planets; daily he washed her
in thawing blood; hourly
all round them the broken
walls of Eden grew mosses
and lichens, the ice-caps slipped
closer, their hot-house fell
into disrepair, and weeds propagated
like peoples, everywhere.

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