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Salix Publications

Salix Publications is the brand name of cards and books designed or produced by Ian and Wenna Crockatt.

Our stock is changing - watch this space.

from DAWN WALK: 'Troup Head'
A hare. Paired yellowhammers.
the father teaching the son
on a harrow-hooked tractor to sow seed.

High, higher, on a flung spirit-spring
and the wind-torn flags of her wings
a brown lark unleashes such song that any
human heart

would consider these sea-beaten cliffs
home, hang on in at the land's frayed end
where gannets slant; listening.

Far to the horth, the ruled horizon inked in,
a gull-waked trawler is signing
the salt-seamed waves. I love

this broken, blue-shadowed point
of no return, its hares'-ears-quivering grasses,
its storm-wrecked hawthorns. Look

how that squabble of finches and those soft-
nosed roe-deer
live through it; how completely that woman
forking its obstinate clay imagines trees.


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